KITTEN Flaked Tuna Fillets

KITTEN Flaked Tuna Fillets

Our kitten recipes are specially formulated to better meet the nutritional and energy needs of active and growing kittens. They are recommended for cats up to 12 months old.

Our tuna recipe only uses premium Pacific tuna fillets. Our flaked fillets are gently slow cooked in their own natural juices to create a complete & tasty meal for your cat. We promise to never add any rubbish in to our recipes, so we never add any grains, salt or sugars either

All our recipes are cooked here in the UK 😺. Our tuna fillets are sourced with care from the Pacific.

Ingredients: Tuna Fillets 60%, Fish Broth 35%, Salmon Oil 4%, Vitamins & Minerals 1%.


Nutritional info: Protein 14.5%, Fat 4%, Ash 1.5%, Fibre 0.2%, Moisture 80%.

Nutritional Additives (/kg): Taurine 1000 mg. Vitamin A 3000 I.U., Vitamin D3 100 I.U, Vitamin E 20 mg. Trace Elements (mg/kg): Iron (3b103) 15, Zinc (3b605) 12, Manganese (3b503) 1.5, Copper (3b405) 1, Iodine (3b202) 0.75.

WARNING: Although we do our very best to take out all the bones from the fish, some may remain.

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