Frequently Asked Questions

Who and What is Blink?

Hey & Welcome to Blink – your furry friends new favourite food😉

We love that a cat’s slow blink is a sign of trust. Then we thought, what would our cats want us to treat them to in the weekly food shop?

So, we’ve created nutritious, complete recipes containing 60% real meat and fish fillets, and we've left out all the things our cat wouldn’t want – derivatives, cereals, grains, salt and sugars – Yuk!

How Should I Introduce Blink?

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We really hope your cat enjoys our nutritious meals. But to help them adjust to their new healthy, high meat meals we advise gradually introducing Blink cat food into their diet. For the first few days mix small portions of Blink cat food with their old food and just keep increasing the amount of Blink food over time, until they’re meowing at the cupboard for more – it’s as simple as that!

How do I order kitten food?

We're welcoming all of our littlest fans to subscription 😻, but for kitten specific recipes, please reach out to our friendly team who will happily talk you through the process;

How Many Pouches Should I Feed?

We actually consider a range of factors when helping with feeding guidelines for your little one. These include things such as their weight, age, whether or not they've been neutered and if you feed a mixture of wet & dry.

For example, we'd recommend feeding 2 pouches across 2 meals based on a moderately active 3kg cat.

Of course, we understand knowing how much to feed can be tricky, any questions reach out to us at:

Can I Recycle Blink Pouches?

Our pouches aren’t currently recyclable we're afraid! However, great news! A number of supermarkets have started a new recycling scheme where you can recycle pouches for re-use! This is currently available in Tesco and the Coop! We'd recommend checking with your local store to see if this is available near you.

How Do I Change My Account Details?

Simply log in to your account and visit ‘My Account’ to update any personal details; including changing address, cat’s name or even delivery instructions.

What Do I Get In My Box And How Much Is It?

We’ve designed three pretty awesome sized subscription boxes for you to choose from; Small, Medium and Large:

• Small Box – 28 Pouches (£25)

• Medium Box – 56 Pouches (£48)

• Large Box – 84 Pouches (£70)

When signing up, you’ll have complete control over which box you’d like to choose.

Blink Cat Food Isn't a Hit With My Cat?

We're so sad to learn that Blink isn’t a hit with your cat, but don’t give up just yet..

Unlike a lot of other recipes out there, our pouches are made from simply natural fillets and natural ingredients with no added sugars, salt, preservatives or derivatives. Just like us humans, some cats may need a little more encouraging when it comes to eating healthier foods, or changing their diets. Some of the larger brands have up to 4 times the level of salt in their recipes compared to Blink, which makes Blink Cat Food the best cat food you can buy.

We know our furry friends can be a little fussy at times, so try mixing in small parts of Blink cat food with their current food and increase the Blink portions over time. We usually find that more of a gradual switch over can do the trick...

How Do I Reactivate My Account?

Eeeek – how exciting!!! Our friendly team will be happy to get you back up and running, just drop them a message at

Can I Pause Or Skip My Delivery?

No Problem! You can simply log into your online account, click 'My Orders' and you'll see the option to ‘change next shipment date’. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to our customer services team: who'd love to help!

Is Blink Suitable for Kittens?

Little ones are full of energy so will need a few more calories than an adult cat. We’re excited to let you know that we’ve just launched our first kitten range, which is currently exclusive to Pets at Home but we’re hoping to launch this into subscription later this year! 😸

Can I Customise My Order?

Absolutely! We know how fussy our furry friends can be and may like certain recipes some months, and others next!

After your trial, simply log into your online account and click “Change Subscription”, this section will allow you to add/remove anything to suit your frurry friends taste preference.

You can do this up to 24-hours before your box ships and don’t forget to save any changes.

How Often Will I Receive my Subscription Box?

We will aim to deliver your subscription box every 4 weeks but don’t worry – we give your little one the chance to try our pouches first.

Once you’ve received your trial box, you have 12 days before your first full-sized subscription box falls through.

From then on, we will ship your order to you every 28 days.

Is Blink A Complete Cat Food?

Yes! To make our Blink recipes complete we mix in a healthy blend of 21 vitamins & minerals essential for cat’s growth & development, including Vitamin: A, D3, E, B6 and B12. Under EU legislation only the key vitamins are noted on back of packs but the rest are included in the recipe to make it complete- you’ll find this is the same across all cat food brands.

Can I Have More Than 1 Trial Box?

Good Question. We want to spread the love around so our systems will only allow you to have 1 trial box per individual and per household I’m afraid.

Where Is Your Meat And Fish Sourced From?

We source our ingredients with care from British farms. We’re really happy to let you know that all our British suppliers supports the ‘Five Freedoms’ which basically covers supplying a good diet for natural health, an appropriate shelter, treatments against any diseases, spacious facilities and ruling out any factors that could cause stress.

Tuna isn't native to British waters therefore we source this outside of the UK. However, all of our fish in our pouches are sourced from MCS sustainable sources. We only source and include the best proteins e.g. chicken breast, duck fillets and salmon fillets, so we make sure we add the best bits to our pouches.

Can I Pause Or Skip My Next Delivery?

No Problem! You can simply log into your online account, click 'My Orders' and you'll see the option to delay your little ones box.

Or, feel free to reach out to our customer services team: who'd love to help!

Where Do You Deliver And Will You Charge Me Postage?

Our boxes are available for delivery in Mainland U.K. and Northern Ireland at the moment – but don’t worry, we’re hoping to branch out in the future!

We absolutely don’t plan to charge you for any postal costs – we cover these for you.

When Will You Charge Me?

We will charge your chosen card on the date that your very first order is placed. After this, the payment date will always be attempted on the same day as your shipment date – whenever you chose this to be!

Quick tip - if your card details change, these will need to be updated to continue your subscription. To update your card details, you can simply log into your online account and you should be brought to a page that has the option to update your card details, simply update them there.

How Will You Deliver My Order?

Once your order has been picked and packed at our warehouse, it will be handed over to our friendly courier to be delivered to your door. Delivery takes 2-3 working days. However, please note, if you live in Highlands & Scottish Islands or Northern Ireland, your order may take a little longer, but usually within 3 working days!

Help! I Need A Bigger Subscription?

Oh wow we’re so excited to hear our recipes are such a hit! Please contact our customer service team and they will be on hand to help and talk you through the process for this.

Can I Return My Order?

Oh no! Sorry to hear that you want to return your order! Please contact our friendly team on to see if we can help.

I Need To Cancel, How Do I Do This?

You can cancel your subscription at any time upon receipt of your trial box! Simply log into your account settings or by contacting the friendly Blink Team. If you need help, or is there is anything we can do to change your mind, please reach out to us on and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Why Are You More Expensive Than Other Brands?

We of course we do take on board that we are a little more expensive compared to some of the bigger, older brands.

However, this is simply due to the quality of recipes 😸. For example, we only use British meat fillets like fresh, chicken breasts. Whereas other brands tend to use cereals and sugar to fill out their products just to keep the price down 😿.

Need Help?

You can find more information on our T&C's here! Or drop our friendly customer services team an email on and they'll get back to you ASAP!