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All our complete meals contain premium, shredded fillets and are made here in Northamptonshire with no added sugar, grains or salt. All our meat fillets are sourced from British farmers. 100% quality cat food. 0% rubbish.

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In our cat food subscription boxes we promise...

100% natural ingredients*
Gently cooked premium fillets
Grain and cereal free
All made in Northamptonshire

All our cat food pouches give your cat (+ kitten) a complete and balanced. We only select the best ingredients to ensure our cat meals are packed with high quality protein like fresh chicken breast, duck fillets and braised beef.

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*With added vitamins and minerals

Why Blink?

Cats blink as a sign of trust and affection. Your cat trusts you with a lot, so you need to know that you’re feeding them only the best cat food. And at Blink we believe we have created the best cat food with the best cat led recipes.

We created Blink cat food to give cats healthy, delicious meals that they will love, and you can trust. We’re proud to show you exactly what’s in our healthy cat food, because we only use natural ingredients, like fresh chicken breasts from British farmers. We promise we will never use cheap fillers like grains, sugars and salt. So when you open your Blink subscription box you can be reassured it contains the highest quality cat (and kitten) food.

Customer tales

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  • I got my Blink cat food starter box yesterday and my cat, Duchess, absolutely devoured it! Such a pleasure to be able to buy some cat food that doesn't look brown, dry, gross and stinks.

    Andrew, London

  • Little smiggles has refused all cat food, vet was extremely concerned about him surviving as wouldn’t eat and blink is the only brand he will eat and trust me we have tried them all so thank you for creating a brilliant food 😍😍

    Sam, Peterborough

  • My cat Ruby has a skin allergy and cannot eat any cereals or she scratches herself raw. I started her on Blink cat food about 3 weeks ago and not only does she love it but she is scratch free! She's a very happy cat!

    Kim, Downham Market

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