At Blink we promise:

  • Only British shredded meat fillets
  • High meat content
  • Always derivative free
  • 100% natural ingredients (with added vitamins and minerals)

All our meals are complete and this ensures your cat has a balanced, nutritious diet.

Our products

Our ‘complete’ meals

‘Complete’ means that your cat receives all their healthy goodness from eating just our meals, so you don't have to worry about adding additional food to their diets. (As you know, you should always have some water available for your cat to drink)

Our treats range

All our treats are made here in the UK and they're packed full of meat - no cheap fillers or cereals here! Just like us, sometimes our cats deserve a REAL treat.

Introducing Blink

We really hope your cat enjoys our nutritious meals. But to help them adjust to our healthy, high meat meals we advise gradually introducing Blink into their diet. For the first few days mix small portions of Blink with your old food and just keep increasing the amount of Blink food over time until they are meowing at the cupboard for more...

About Blink

Why Blink?

Cats blink as a sign of trust and affection. So we wanted to make a range of food you can trust.

We started looking at the back of the pouches our cats were eating and reading the ingredients in our cat’s food. We realised we couldn’t trust these brands. They are putting very little amounts of meat into their products as well as adding lots of sugars and cheap fillers. So we created Blink to provide a healthy alternative that everyone can trust and your cats will love.

You can see the natural variation of our ingredients through our pouch windows. We only source and include the best proteins e.g. chicken breast, duck fillets and salmon fillets and all our products are made here in the UK using meats from British and Irish farmers.

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